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FAQ About Kentucky Lake Homes for Sale

Kentucky Lake Homes for Sale Questions

  1. Is financing available for the lake home?
  2. Yes. We have relationships with local financial institutions that provide financing at attractive rates to qualified buyers. Please call us to discuss this option.

  3. Can my friends and family stay at the lake home?
  4. Yes, your friends, family, and guest may stay at your Kentucky lake cottage, at no cost, and use it toward part of your days per calendar year.

  5. Are the lake homes furnished?
  6. Yes, the lake cottages are furnished. The cottage owner may select his or her own interior package, Blue, Green, or Red upon purchase of the lake home.

  7. Can I bring my boat to Edgewater?
  8. You may bring your boat to Edgewater, use the State's ramps for access, and then dock the boat at one of the two private docks provided at Edgewater or make arrangements at the Marina. Please note, the two docks at Edgewater are used on a first come first serve basis with a maximum of 72 hours and will not accommodate all Edgewater guests. However, there will be future designated boat parking at Edgewater. To protect property values boats may not be parked at the individual cottages.

  9. Will the project be phased?
  10. Yes. The project will undergo at least two phases with planned price increases and additional amenities and services.

  11. Is this a Time-Share?
  12. No. The cottages are a whole ownership/licensed and deeded property. You have the option of selling the cottage at any time. You are able to use your guaranteed days at any time during the year.